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Exciting News!

Nan has relocated to Colorado Springs, Colorado

to open Mountain Microcurrent Therapeutics, specializing in

Scar Release, Concussion/Traumatic Brain Injury, and Vagus Nerve therapies.

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   Specializing in Advanced

Deep Tissue, Sports, Orthopedic,

Rehab Massage

and Scar Release Therapy

 Reducing Pain and Restoring Function

Is all massage the same?

The term MASSAGE is very broad. It encompasses several modalities, from the relaxing Swedish-style massage, to various spa treatments, to therapeutic bodywork and restorative care. While all massage has the health benefits of increased circulation, relaxation and stress relief, not all massage is effective in treating acute and chronic pain conditions.

Do your symptoms require more than a relaxing and pampering experience? If so, you may have become frustrated with the hit-and-miss approach to finding a therapist who can offer sustained pain relief and restored function.

Until our licensing organizations establish a separate classification for "Therapeutic Bodywork", the responsibility rests on the consumer to become educated and to ask the right questions when searching for a therapist. Please take the time to read over the information provided on this website. It was designed to inform you. If you are like most, you aren't really sure what type of work you need. You just know that you are in pain, and you want relief. Before you run to the doctor to get a pill, an injection, or surgery, why not try a less invasive alternative? 

Treatment Modalities

Nan employs various treatment techniques to achieve lasting results, including...


Each new-client consultation includes a complimentary postural assessment and soft tissue analysis. It is Nan's intention to become your partner in wellness. Her in-office treatment will be coupled with home-care suggestions and tools to accelerate and maintain your progress.

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