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Included in your first session is a full soft tissue assessment and postural analysis, followed by an integrative, therapeutic bodywork session.   After your session, a treatment plan will be suggested depending upon the conditions presented, the results achieved during the session, your level of pain relief, and your treatment goals.  Each client will also be equipped with home-care exercises to accelerate and maintain progress.

Whether your pain is a result of injury or surgery (where scar tissue must be released) or other conditions, that are continually aggravated by repetitive use (such as participation in various sports, work/home place ergonomics, teeth clenching or grinding, sleep habits, and poor posture), myo-fascial bodywork is extremely effective.   However, this work is a process.  While there are some conditions which may be addressed in one session, by the time pain and loss of range are present, the condition usually requires multiple sessions to release the fascia, reduce pain, and restore function.

A treatment plan is only a suggested course of action. Ultimately, it is always your decision how to proceed.

Regular Rates

$ 160 per 90-minute session

$ 195 per 120-minute session

Special Package Pricing

$ 450 for three 90-minute sessions ($150/session)

$ 555 for three 120-minute sessions ($185/session)

Scar Release Treatment (without bodywork)

$ 135 per 45-minute session

$ 375 for tree 45-minute sessions ($125/session)

Kinesio Taping

+$10 per taping with the first application being complimentary

No "Add-On" Charges

Microcurrent Point Stimulation, Massage Cupping Therapy and Hot Stones are all offered at no additional charge and will be incorporated into your session for conditions that will respond to these treatments.

Payment Methods

Cash, Check, Credit Card

Cancellation Policy

If cancellation is necessary, please provide at least 24 hours notice to avoid being charged for the appointment.

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