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Nan's Clients include...

Olympic and professional athletes

Triathlon and Iron Man competitors



Tennis players

Soccer players

Those suffering from Computer Posture Syndrome

Post-op Rehab patients

Weekend warriors

Those with chronic pain - Migraine, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatique, etc.

Anyone who is suffering from painful conditions

If you are in pain, Austin Therapeutic Bodywork is where you will find relief.

Client Testimonials

"I can't recommend Nan Hofer enough for scar release therapy. I had a deep scar from an intramuscular shot that nicked an arterial vessel. This injury turned into a hematoma, which compressed my sciatic nerve, and then turned into a wound, which then turned necrotic and had to be debrided, which then required a wound vac to heal. I fell through a lot of cracks in terms of medical care for the wound and came to Austin Therapeutic Bodywork nearly a year later because the scar this injury left was painful with lots of scar tissue and adhesions surrounding it. Though Nan was booked, she made space for me to come in. After the first two-hour session, the result was remarkable; the skin of and near the scar became lighter and softer and the scar became significantly less deep. After three more sessions, the difference is night and day. I can no longer feel or see the indentation of the scar, the tissue is no longer adhered, it is now the same color as the rest of my skin, and it causes me no discomfort. It really has been a miracle in healing physically from this injury and also mentally and emotionally from the resultant trauma. I am so grateful for this practice!"

Jenny K.

"I wanted to see Nan from her reviews here, but she is so booked she said she wasn't taking more clients. Because I was in acute pain, though, she kindly spent time on the phone with me suggesting some exercises and stretches I could do for immediate relief, and provided a referral to another massage therapist, which I took. That was helpful, but a week later Nan called back to say she had a cancellation if I still needed help--and I jumped on it.

Not to be too hyperbolic, but it was the best massage I've had in my life. Nan takes time to talk to new clients first, finding out what your issues are, what your lifestyle is. She assesses your posture and stance and alignment before the magic even starts.  And THEN...Nan put her hands exactly on the spots that hurt, without my even telling her--often in cases where the pain was coming from somewhere other than what I expected (e.g., some of my neck/back pain is related to my pectoral area, which I realized as soon as she dug in). Between her deep therapeutic massage, cupping, and a magnificent electronic acupuncture type of device, I walked out of there with less pain and more range of motion than I've had in months--plus a handful of exercises and stretches to do at home to keep working the areas where I'm having issues. Today--the next day--I actually lost awareness of my body during my morning walk because for the first time in a long time, I didn't hurt.

I hesitate to tell you all how good she is, because if she does have openings, they are MINE ALL MINE. But she deserves the shout-out and more.  Nan is a lot more than a relaxing massage; this is therapy and healing."
Tiffany Y-M.

"I have had chronic back, neck and shoulder pain for over 10 years. To add to that, I've been in two terrible car accidents. I have never found anyone who could relieve the pain and tension. Nan is simply the best.  

The only way you will ever know is to book an appointment. And if you try her, I guarantee you will never look back. In my humble opinion, I think she under charges.

She really cares about how you feel and I will tell you this - the experience is incredible. I know I will never look back and she will be my only therapist going forward."

Chau Q.

"After trips to several message therapists with minimal results for my lower back issues I was able to get in to see Nan. I have never received better treatment. Not only was she knowledgeable and nice, but she found a problem that several Chiropractors and message therapists couldn't. This was a back issue that for YEARS had been on and off. Pain and stiffness to the point I could not tie my shoes. After only two sessions and following the homework Nan gave me I am 98% out of any discomfort. I had to move recently so I am unable to see Nan, but for anyone in need of help she is nothing short of remarkable."

Scot G.

"Nan is incredible! I wanted a post-race massage and turned to Yelp - I found all of the positive reviews and the bought the deal. She was very flexible and easy to schedule an appointment with, as well as friendly and informative on the phone. I run and work out quite a bit and have been looking for someone who can really work on my knots and tender spots. Before the massage, she did a postural and flexibility analysis to determine problem areas. She has an integrative approach and explains why you have tension/tenderness in areas; then she gives you practical tips and exercises to help. I'm a huge fan and wish I would have found her years ago."

Jennifer L.

"Today was my third session with Nan. She is the best massage therapist I have ever had work on me....I have never had a massage therapist take such a careful approach on assessing my concerns. This is no routine, run-of-the-mill experience. Even if you go only once, Nan will tailor the session to you. She also pays attention to what your muscles tell her, and rather than ignore problem areas, she works on them. Seems like a no-brainer, but most massages I've had in Austin have been rather cookie-cutter. Nan has worked with me each time as an individual. Plus, she is really friendly!

So, to recap, Nan is strong, skilled, technically proficient, intuitive, professional, compassionate, empathetic, and really damn good. I almost don't know what happened to me in the first session. It was intense, and it was good. Following it, the chronic shoulder pain (bursitis and tendonitis related) I had been having was lifted. In today's session she worked on my extremely uncomfortable scar tissue and I am so amazed and grateful by the results. Nan knows how to help coax body tissues into acting right! It is a great, tension relieving experience that leaves me breathing easier and feeling in better shape than when I came in EVERY TIME- and it is cumulative. Each session builds and heals more completely. In just a few sessions I have felt results on chronic tension related problems. Rather than hop around from masseuse to masseuse, I highly recommend Nan for anyone looking for quality care in bodywork ."

Shawna G.

"Nan is fantastic! A couple years ago I was looking for someone to do deep tissue massage. I needed to get into a regular schedule with someone for ongoing pain in my shoulders and neck. I tried several places and had no luck finding someone who could even get close to the type of work I needed. I knew from the first session that this was what I was looking for. Nan does far more than deep tissue massage. She incorporates a lot of different techniques to address whatever issues are going on with your body. When we started I was beginning to have numbness in my hand in addition to my other issues and she was able to address that so I had immediate relief. The great thing about Nan is that she teaches you so much about what she's doing and what's going on in your body that causes pain. And she gives homework! She's suggested stretches I can do between visits that make a huge difference in how I'm feeling. And I can definitely tell a difference when I have to miss an appointment. Nan is a gifted and committed practitioner. If you are having pain, I highly recommend you give Nan a call and see what she can do for you. It's not relaxation massage and it's not quick fix but it does relieve pain. You'll be happy you did."

Susan G.

"I was searching online for therapeutic body work in Austin, when I came across Nan Hofer's site. I was looking for more than a deep tissue massage which typically does not provide lasting results. I needed my muscles and fascia to be unlocked and re-educated. Nan provides exactly what I was looking for. She is a natural healer. Her intuitive sense leads her to the perfect course of therapy. She has quite a few tricks up her sleeve to help you achieve optimal results. Nan truly cares about her patients and always goes the extra mile to help in any way she can. She is a friendly, caring and devoted practitioner. You won't be disappointed! :-)"

Jamie P.

"Miracle worker comes to mind after a session with Nan!! Nan knows what treatments work to cure what ails the body! Nan has provided the most therapeutic therapy for the chronic lymphedema in my left leg. After a session with Nan followed with K taping the lymph edema in my leg is significantly resolved! I have seen Nan for headaches, plantar fascitis, and post athletic events and she always provides the best therapy!!"

Janice W.

"I can walk again without pain! This was going to be my last try before going under the knife and Nan really helped me. With her magic touch, some tape, and my homework assignments, I'm out walking every day again. There's no one else I would trust when it comes to therapeutic massage. This is the gal for you -- look no further!"

Susan S.

"Me: subluxated lower spine, 3 bone spurs, vertebrae in neck reversed. I have a physically demanding job. I work out. I have a sleep number bed and special pillows to keep my body in line so that I don't sleep wrong and start up the grueling process of an inflamed disc which leads to nerve pain.  

So, to counter this, I have seen the best chiropractors in Austin, and sports therapists. They give me 3 minutes; I give them many dollars.  

I have STOPPED seeing both of them because of Nan!!!!!! I don't know how to describe what she does during therapy, but it works! Moving my muscles, releasing fascia...all seeming to do more with science and the art of intuition. Most therapists just rub your tissue and hit a few pressure points. That is NOT what this is. I'd almost go to the level of calling her a physical "massage" therapist.  

If you have the chance, and need your body to be fixed, see Nan. You are wasting your money elsewhere."

Lori G.

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